How Do I Suggest a Change

If you want to add a new gas station, or make corrections to one already listed this is how you should do it so that we get the proper information.

To delete a station just us this contact form and send the name of the Station and the town / city name.  Please explain why you feel like it should be removed.

To add a station, use google maps to find the station you want to add. If on a laptop or desktop computer click the copy icon beside the address on the left column of google maps.  If you have a mobile device you can do a screen shot to the location information on google maps.

Remember to always give us the station name.

If you are unable to use google maps then we must have at least:

  • Station Name
  • City / town
  • The address or at least the name of the street it is on. 

We are unable to guess.  If (for example) you tell us the station is in Sarnia next to the bottle depot, we can't do anything with that information.  We need more.

We very much appreciate any help you can give. It's suggestions like yours that make the site better.

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