Frequently Asked Questions

Why Rezgas?

The development of RezGas is the brainchild of a First Nations member. While looking for gas stations on Indian Reserves he found that although there are many in the Country, there is no easy way to find them. This is unfortunate as to many First Nations people every cent counts and finding a gas station on a reserve allows them to save a little with every litre of fuel.

Purchasing at a Gas staion on Reserve also helps the Gas Station, many are owned and operated by the Nation (Indian Land) they reside on, or the Indian Nation benefits by leasing land to the service station.

There were traces of information on a gas station here and another there, but nothing that gave the community a good source of information. That is our plan. We have started on the West Coast in BC and are working our way across the country. It has been a lot of work.

Why are the locations not always perfectly accurate?

Although the Provincial governments know where all the gas station on reserves are, some have not been forthcoming with the information. We have had to call reserves one by one to find out if they have a gas station on the Indian reserve. With over 200 Indian reserves in BC and about the same in each other province, this is a slow process. If you know of one let us know.

Can I Help?

Yes you can help!

We rely on individuals to send in corrections. If a Station is missing or in the wrong place, please let yes know.  We need at least a Name and an Address. If you can also send in a Geocode that would be very helpful.